<%NUMBERING1%>.<%NUMBERING2%>.<%NUMBERING3%> PRTG Manual: Optional Downloads and Add-Ons

To see optional downloads, select Setup | Downloads / Add-Ons from the main menu. Click on the tabs to switch between different options.

Downloads / Add-Ons Tabs

Downloads / Add-Ons Tabs

There are the following downloads available:

Client App for Windows (Enterprise Console)

Download the Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI) "Enterprise Console" to the current system. If you use the Enterprise Console, you can access the PRTG interface with a native Windows application. The version of the Enterprise Console must match the version of your PRTG server. For more information, please see Install the Enterprise Console.

Client Apps for Mobile Devices

To monitor your network while on the go, use our free apps for smartphones and tablets. They run on iOS, Android (including BlackBerry devices) and on Windows Phone. For more information on PRTG for iOS, PRTG for Android, and PRTG for Windows Phone, please see the More section below.

Remote Probe Installer

With remote probes you can extend your monitoring to distributed networks that are not directly reachable from your PRTG core installation. The version of the remote probe installer must match your version of PRTG. For more information, please see Install a PRTG Remote Probe.

PRTG Add-Ons

This will display a link to the PRTG add-ons page on Google Code. There you will find a collection of various add-ons for PRTG Network Monitor and their source code. For more information, please see the More section below.

PRTG Billing Tool

This will display a link to information and download of the PRTG Billing Tool. The PRTG Billing Tool is an application that can read PRTG sensor data and generate bills in PDF format. We provide this tool as a basis to develop your own billing applications. For more information, please see the More section below.

Desktop Notifications

This tab is only visible if you access the PRTG web interface with Google Chrome or Firefox browser. For details, please see Desktop Notifications section.


Paessler Website: Mobile Network Monitoring with PRTG—Mobile Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

Paessler Website: Billing Tool for PRTG




There are some settings that you have to make in the PRTG Administration Tool, available as native Windows application. For more details, please see the sections:

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